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Agents of  Career Change

Each member of our team helps talented professionals find the optimal position. We also help employment clients solve their biggest hiring challenges through our stack of trusted solutions. StaffDrafts shares the passion our candidates and clients have for the careers and businesses. We hire Talent Advisors, Recruiters, and Business Support staff. If you'd like to join us in our practice of simplified hiring, please send us your resume


Our Talent Advisors work closely with employers and certain professional candidates. Advisors are responsible for building relationships and fostering collaborative partnerships in pursuit of better hiring outcomes for companies and people. Talent Advisors are strategic and trustworthy staffing partners.

Our Recruiters are passionate agents of career growth and change who work together with professionals to help them find their next great career opportunity. When professionals become part of our Talent Network StaffDrafts Recruiters are there, delivering purposeful representation.

Our supporting departments include IT, HR, Marketing, Training and Development, and Facilities Management. Each job function is different — and each is critical to the success of our company.

Diverse Workforces for Dynamic Workspaces


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