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You Have Agency

Belonging, Balance, and Betterment. 

StaffDrafts offers free talent advisory services and purposeful representation to candidates. Our team of experienced Talent Advisors will work with you to develop a tailored plan to advance your career.

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Totally Engaged Talent Advisors

Our Talent Advisors work with you to develop a career advancement plan. We provide purposeful representation and comprehensive talent advisory services to you at no cost. Whether you are in the early stages of your career or at the tenured expert level, StaffDrafts is committed to finding the best opportunities that align with your goals.

We take a hands-on, customized approach when helping you navigate through the next phase of your career. You will benefit from an array of unique resources that help provide a better job search experience. We have a deep understanding and appreciation for diverse talents and how to best serve candidates from those communities.


Whether you’re looking for a full time position at law firm, a consulting role with a government agency, or a temporary assignment with a professional services company, we have the Know-Who and the Know-How to place you in the right position.

Candidate Support

StaffDrafts provides candidates with an array of post-placement services including resume update services and post-transition follow-ups. In order to help our candidates make successful transitions into their new positions, we also offer each candidate optional post-placement coaching sessions with a talent advisor. Post-placement coaching sessions are an added benefit that helps our candidates succeed in their new positions from orientation through the first year of placement.

Resume support to help you stand out from the crowd. Assessment of your current resume then guidance on how to highlight your skills, experience and accomplishments. We will help you articulate your capabilities and core competency.

Interview Techniques

Timely interview guidance and preparation to help you present yourself and your resume in the most effective way to outshine the competition and make a remarkable impression.

Salary Analysis

Comprehensive insights into the job market and competitive wages. Our Talent Advisors will assess your current salary and benefits package and negotiate the best compensation package for your new role.

After-Start Support

Setting you up for sustained success is only the start. StaffDrafts builds lasting relationships with trusted support and purposeful representation.

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