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We Value Diversity. We Practice Inclusion. We Promote Equality. 

Talented People | Simplified Hiring 

For Talented People seeking Career Growth and Employers needing A Simpler Way to Hire, there’s StaffDrafts.

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Legal Staffing Experts | Working with Corporations and Law Firms of varying sizes.
Legal professionals in our network include attorneys, paralegals, legal administrators, assistants, legal technology specialists, and other support staff.
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StaffDrafts works with Law Firms ranging from the AmLaw 100s to Boutiques as well as Counsel Offices.
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Candidates | Consultants

We help you find work. StaffDrafts makes your job search easier with targeted career placement and access to exclusive openings. We represent you with purpose and provide a variety of professional tools to help you find your next position as quickly as possible. Whatever your interests and qualifications, our experts are here to assist you in finding the best position.

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Hiring Made Easier

We help you hire Talented People. Straightforward staffing success built on strong client collaboration and purposeful talent representation. We work collaboratively with our clients, candidates, and consultants to help all succeed in their own missions. Whether you need a consultation or immediate action; we’re committed to solving complex hiring challenges and increasing efficiency gains for better hiring outcomes.

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Diversity  Inclusion  Equality
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