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We’re leveling the playing field for essential, non-office personnel and the companies and communities that rely on them.

TalentLido is a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive talent network for essential employees. TalentLido is open-source networking that provides candidates and employers a place to meet, match and manage the hiring process.

TalentLido helps employers take the guesswork out of DEI hiring. When employers choose to use find candidates through the TalentLido network they create a more level playing field for the essential workers that represent a significant share of all regions, races, ethnicities, genders, and generations across the United States.


Every Essential Person on the TalentLido Network can be a key contributor to Howard County’s local, small and diverse businesses, as well as part of the talent supply for mid and large companies, governments, and non-profits that make an impact on communities every day.

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Queratio creates a competitive advantage for our clients by leveraging what is integral and unique about their organization and its contingent work opportunities.

Queratio helps organizations by creating their own “private” opportunity network to attract talent based on the integral aspects of the company brand. As more candidates are fed into the company’s private talent pool, it becomes a repository for matching candidates within the pool to new manager requests for contractor positions.

Build a talent base specifically for contingent workers by creating a link on your career site where candidates can apply directly for future contingent job opportunities.


Hiring managers or internal recruiters may proactively invite contingent labor candidates to the opportunity network via a web link or mobile device. 


An organization can opt to build their “Queratio Cloud” with candidates from their Applicant Tracking System, individuals they have interviewed and consider “silver medalists,” and alumni and retirees with unique skill sets.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing that delivers the surge of talent you need for your organization's growth, delivery and production goals.

100% Scalable - We help as much or as little as you need. You’ll have a dedicated team that utilizes our proven and innovative sourcing strategies to recruit qualified candidates for your critical positions. We offer Recruitment Process Management (RPM) solutions via multiple service delivery models that can be customized and scaled to streamline your company’s specific hiring needs.

Beyond the convenience of having an outsourced team, our solutions give you the efficiency gains of time-saving and the added value of lower talent acquisition costs. 


Our simplified hiring process is effective for a range of complex staffing challenges. Save time and headaches with our Search management. 

Our team aligns with your business goals to develop tailored recruitment solutions. We prioritize objectives, define business requirements, and design/implement recruitment processes within a structured timeline with your input. Flexibility is built into our Recruitment Processes; ensuring our ability to respond to each client’s unique challenges. We implement efficiency controls to monitor & measure performance so we can improve our services to meet your evolving needs.

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