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Straightforward staffing success built on strong client collaboration and purposeful talent representation. StaffDrafts is an agency of talent advisors and business solutions professionals working collaboratively with our clients, candidates, and consultants to help them succeed in their missions. Whether you want a consultation or immediate action We’re committed to solving complex hiring challenges by increasing efficiency gains for better hiring outcomes.

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Peak Efficiency.
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At StaffDrafts, we recognize the commoditization of agency staffing services. Most staffing providers find their candidates from the same shared sources and while this may be efficient on the part of the provider it isn't an effective way to find the best talent.


Our differentiation is in the way we leverage our clients' brands to attract passive candidates who are not posted on the usual job boards. By focusing on finding the right people for specific organizations we are able to more closely match professional staff with the optimal employer.

We do an initial intake to learn about your hiring needs and determine if we align with your hiring goals. Then we’ll send over a list of qualified candidates for you to interview and hire. Once a hiring decision is made and the offer accepted we’ll make sure the start goes smoothly. 

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