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Serious Talent. Simplified Hiring.

StaffDrafts, LLC is a staffing firm assisting law firms, corporations, associations/non-profits, and municipalities with talent and staffing services. Since 2008, StaffDrafts has specialized in hiring success for our clients and delivering great career opportunities to the talented people in our network. Our expertise lies in recruiting highly qualified professional staff for positions that range from early-career to tenured. Our leadership has over 20 years of experience in the staffing industry (legal, in particular). Leading-edge network communication and talent curation give us a strong foothold in the legal recruiting community. We create successful hiring outcomes by implementing a simplified approach that focuses on the specific goals of each candidate and client.


We are a preferred staffing agency for many nationally recognized law firms and other leading organizations. Employers can refer to our Services or Simplified hiring pages to learn more about our client support. For in-depth details on our approach to candidate representation please visit our Talented People and Candidate pages. Our Talent Network is also a great way for anyone to connect with StaffDrafts for optimal career opportunities.

We believe that strong business relationships are the result of transparency that leads to trust and ultimately by delivering quality service emphasizing our values. Our Staff Recruiters, Talent Advisors, and Business Solutions Specialists are deep-networked within the business communities we serve. Our experienced team of recruiters assists throughout the entire hiring process by providing resume advice, briefing material, and interviewing questions prior to an interview, and offer negotiations to secure a successful placement.


Workforces and workspaces are constantly evolving and this dynamism is perfect for a nimble staffing firm like Staffdrafts because we scale and flex to the benefit of our customers. StaffDrafts is continuously leveraging our hiring expertise, We encourage talented people through candidate advocacy and support our clients with efficient solutions to arrive at better hiring outcomes. Contact us and discover more about our specialized services. We care about our candidates’ careers and clients’ workforce needs.

Serious Talent. Simplified Hiring.

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Our beneficial client collaboration & purposeful candidate advocacy builds partnerships that yield better hiring outcomes.
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Our Core Values are Integrity, Accountability & Simplicity.
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Supporting Law Firms and Corporations Since 2008.
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