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StaffDrafts is an agency of talent advisors and business solutions professionals on a mission to add more diversity to changing workforces and inclusion to dynamic workspaces. We specialize in legal recruiting. We also place professional and information technology personnel with employers nationwide. Our success comes from the Talented People in our network, and our power lies in leveraging this network to provide scalable and Simplified Hiring solutions for our clients — from Fortune 500 companies to International law firms to boutique firms and budding startups. At StaffDrafts, we believe in the value of diversity and proudly represent a network of diverse talented people. Our mission is to make your job easier, whether you’re hiring, building a team, or searching for your next role. Together, we can solve your biggest challenges.

Recruiters & 

Talent Advisors

Our recruiters, talent advisors, and business support pros make a difference in people’s lives. Most have Legal or professional services experiences themselves, but they all have a passion for sourcing exceptional talent and helping people advance their careers.

Legal, Professional and Technology

Because legal, professional services, and technology are essential for many types of business, we pride ourselves on understanding the intricacies of those industries. Our candidates have the relevant experience and we understand how to find the right person to tackle your business problems.

Thorough & Fair

Candidate Screening 

Every candidate is fully vetted, which includes thorough phone screenings, face-to-face interviews, technical skill assessment, “soft” skill evaluation, formal reference check review, and criminal background check.
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Core Practices

Search Capabilities
Our functional practices are purpose-built to place diverse and talented people across legal, professional services, and information technology organizations. We improve efficiency gains for employers and collaboratively guide our clients through our simplified hiring processr. Whether you need consultation or action, we are here to support you and your specific hiring needs.
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